Individual Counselling and Self-Focus

Your personal areas of focus will be varied and might need focus on the here and now or perhaps your past experiences and life, family or relationship history. Here are some instances where I might be able to help...

  • You feel a bit stuck.
    You want to thrive, not just exist and there's a feeling that you're missing out. You see others finding success, contentment or joy and wonder why this seems so elusive. You haven't found your own path yet or maybe the path you've chosen just doesn’t feel right. You'd like to progress and plan for the upcoming phases in your life but making decisions and setting goals seems overwhelming.

  • Life feels challenging.

    It can be difficult to stay emotionally afloat when dealing with the struggles of everyday life plus extra pressures of unforeseen changes or loss. A boost of resilience, positivity and focus would benefit you right now but where do you find these things if they aren’t naturally in your armoury?

  • You're a people-pleaser.

    Always telling everyone "yes" and over-booking yourself. You worry about what others think and focus too much on trying to be everybody’s friend. People-pleasing can be exhausting and holds you back. You'd like to learn how to say "no" to others and "yes" to yourself.

  • You lack self worth and esteem.

    You aren't very kind to yourself, you're self-critical and rarely allow yourself the same compassion that you offer to others. Ideally you'd like to be more accepting of your flaws and learn to put yourself higher on your own priority list.

  • Your inner voice says you aren't good enough.

    At times you feel crippled by your self-belief, or more precisely the lack of it. You regularly doubt yourself, your own skills, talents or accomplishments and have an internalised fear of being exposed as a "fraud" or imposter.

  • You struggle to communicate with others.

    You wish you could speak up and be heard more or stand up for yourself more confidently but you hold back. This can have a negative affect, maybe at work or in your close relationships. Communication is key; feeling shy and unheard or being misinterpreted can cause feelings of frustration and isolation.

  • You're questioning your sexuality.

    You need a safe space to explore your own feelings and identity. You'd like to focus on self-acceptance and decide if or when to share your identity with others. Coming out to friends and family or coping with societal responses and attitudes toward LGBT people can feel like a daunting journey, often best navigated through therapy.