Relationship counselling is to help you and your partner to understand each other better, usually through improved levels of communication. Your reasons for seeking counselling will be varied, here are some instances where I might be able to help...

  • Your relationship seems to be stalling.
    You're not firing on all cylinders at the moment. Things between you are turning inexplicably stale and you’re worried about the future. You feel more like roommates than lovers. Communication isn't strong and misunderstandings often occur.

  • You're questioning whether to stay together.
    You'd like the opportunity to reflect and explore if the relationship is still giving you both what you need or whether you'd actually be happier parting ways. To manage to figure this out together, amicably and without upsetting each other too much would be the best outcome.

  • Trust has been broken.
    There have been lies or deceit within your relationship and a decision to stay together and attempt to rebuild seems easier said than done. There are residual feelings of pain, anger, sadness or resentment that are unlikely to go away until they are resolved properly.

  • Family relationships aren’t plain sailing.
    It feels like a juggling act to keep all parties happy. Interactions with spouses, kids, siblings and in-laws can be complicated and feel draining at times. You need help to navigate the minefield of familial politics.