Covid-19 and Counselling

There’s no doubt that the arrival of Covid-19 has changed all of our lives dramatically over the last 10 months.

It’s been a period of dramatic transition that we’ve all had to adhere to and it’s not been easy. Many of us have suffered trauma and loss, others have had to adapt to quite severe changes in our day to day lifestyles.

What hasn’t changed however, is the need that many people still have to seek a counsellor. The need to talk to someone; to find some sense, order and calm in this very busy world.

So counsellors like me are still here.

We’re working as usual and are happy to receive your enquiries. The way we’re working might be slightly different right now, but the goals we hope to help you achieve are exactly the same.

My own practice is working entirely online at the moment, which I really enjoy. 

My clients are receiving all of the usual therapy services that I offered before Covid-19 came along, but for now they just happen to be sitting on their own sofa instead of mine!

Whether you were already interested in talking to a counsellor before Covid-19 or you simply feel that life has become more challenging or complicated since, it could help to look at things with the help of an expert? 

We can help arm you with a tool-bag full of coping strategies and fresh ideas to make you feel happier, calmer and back in control.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.