Feedback from clients


You either haven't found your path yet or the path you have chosen up to now just doesn’t feel right. You feel pressure to progress and plan for the coming phases in your life but making decisions and setting goals seems overwhelming.



You're getting on with life but feel that something is lacking or is missing. Whether it's a paralysing fear of failure, what the future holds or the worry that things could all potentially go wrong; you're looking for stability and some answers.



You're a deep thinker whose inner world and self awareness is working overtime. You’re often hurt by criticism and carry many emotional burdens through life. You long for a simpler, more peaceful mind.

Your relationship isn’t firing on all cylinders and you’re worried about the future. Communication feels non-existent and you feel lonely and isolated. You’ve become more like roommates than lovers. You question if you’re in the right relationship. You feel you should ask for more yet don’t necessarily know what more looks like. In fact you question if you even deserve more.
You try hard but life is tough at times. Looking back to being young you remember periods of feeling down, of lack of direction, happiness or achievement. You see others finding contentment or joy and wonder why this feeling seems so elusive. You find comfort in self-pity but know that long term this won’t help you. You’re unsure why this melancholy grey cloud follows you through life, you struggle to keep moving forward.
You've got your stuff together. You're ambitious with your career, education, and/or life goals, you have ideas and aspirations. Every once in a while you try to do some self-care, when you feel low or fed up. You really are pretty well put together and while you may have most of the right ingredients, your goal to be successful and happy just isn’t quite happening.
You're not very nice to yourself when you make a mistake. You often want to say more or stand up for yourself, but hold back. You worry about everything. EVERYTHING. You look at social media and immediately feel you’re missing out. You don't feel like you're keeping up with people and this makes you anxious.
You've been called a people-pleaser before and you don't disagree. You'd like to put yourself higher on your priority list, but it just seems impossible. You’re the ‘chameleon’ in your friendship group, always offering support or giving what sounds like the right response to others. You bite your lip and keep your opinions to yourself, always avoiding being seen in a negative light.