Your own areas of focus will be varied, here are some instances where I might be able to help...

  • You feel a bit stuck.

    You don't seem to have found your own path yet or maybe the path you've chosen just doesn’t feel right. You'd like to progress and plan for the upcoming phases in your life but making decisions and setting goals seems overwhelming.

  • Life feels challenging.

    It can be difficult to remain emotionally afloat, dealing with everyday life plus extra pressures of unforeseen change or loss. Resilience, positivity and focus would benefit you right now but where do you find these things if they aren’t naturally in your armoury?

  • You're a people-pleaser.

    Always telling everyone "yes" and over-booking yourself. You worry about what others think and focus too much on trying to be everybody’s friend.
    People-pleasing can be exhausting and holds you back. You'd like to learn how to say "no" to others and "yes" to yourself.

  • You lack self worth and esteem.

    You aren't very kind to yourself, you're self-critical and rarely allow yourself the same compassion that you offer to others. Ideally you'd like to be more accepting of your flaws and learn to put yourself higher on your priority list.

  • Your inner voice says you aren't good enough.

    You often doubt your own skills, talents or accomplishments and have an internalised fear of being exposed as a "fraud" or imposter.

  • You struggle to communicate confidently with others.

    You wish you could speak up and be heard more or stand up for yourself but you hold back. Now it's having a negative affect, perhaps professionally or in close relationships.

  • You're ambitious and want more; to thrive not just exist.

    There's a feeling that you're missing out, it's something more and seems just out of reach. You see others finding success, contentment or joy and wonder why this seems so elusive.

  • Your relationship seems to be stalling.

    Things between you have turned inexplicably stale and you’re worried about the future. You feel more like roommates than lovers. Communication isn't strong and misunderstandings often occur.

  • You're questioning whether you’re in the right relationship.

    You need the opportunity to reflect and explore if this relationship is still giving you both what you need or whether you'd be happier parting ways. Ideally figuring this out amicably, without upsetting each other too much or going to war.

  • Trust has been broken.

    You've decided to try and stay together but it seems easier said than done. There are feelings of pain, anger, sadness and resentment that just won't go away.

  • Family relationships aren’t plain sailing.

    It feels like a juggling act to keep all parties happy. Interactions with spouses, kids, siblings and in-laws can feel complicated and draining at times. You need help to navigate the minefield of familial politics.