Anger Management counselling

Anger is a powerful emotion. If it isn’t handled appropriately it may have destructive consequences for you and those closest to you.

Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments, physical fights, physical abuse, assault and self-harm. On the other hand, well-managed anger can be a useful emotion that motivates you to make positive changes.


If you are struggling with anger issues or are experiencing problems expressing your feelings, I can help.

A person who has been experiencing anger for a long time may have lost the ability to see that there are different levels of anger, their behaviour has become the norm.

Symptoms of uncontrolled anger can be physical tension, clenching your teeth or fists and a faster heartbeat.

If you find yourself feeling tense and frustrated with yourself and others, if you find yourself unable to enjoy people and life, if you yell often, if you argue with others frequently, it is possible you have an anger issue.

How can counselling help?

I provide bespoke counselling sessions which can help you to reddress this imbalance and recognise the difference between simply feeling frustrated and full-blown fury.

I will help you to identify what your anger triggers are and learn healthy ways to avoid or cope with these situations. Occasionally this may involve discussing events that occurred in your past if they still make you feel angry.

Emotional regulation is a key aspect of effective anger management and counselling empowers you to face uncertain and stressful circumstances with control and emotional balance. This benefits your overall mental and physical health and also the well-being of those around you.

Unhealthy anger

Many people express their anger in inappropriate and harmful ways, including:

Anger explosions – some people have very little control over their anger and tend to explode in rages. Raging anger may lead to physical abuse or violence. A person who doesn’t control their temper can isolate themselves from family and friends. Some people who fly into rages have low self-esteem, and use their anger as a way to manipulate others and feel powerful.

Anger repression – some people consider that anger is an inappropriate or ‘bad’ emotion, and choose to suppress it. However, bottled anger often turns into depression and anxiety. Some people vent their bottled anger at innocent parties, such as children or pets.

Learning to express your anger more healthily

It is normal to experience anger. Expressing your anger appropriately is a learned behaviour which often requires professional help.

Through our counselling sessions you can establish healthier patterns of behaviour and skills such as conflict resolution, better communication and relaxation techniques.

Book a counselling session

If you would like to speak to me about anger management counselling, give me a call or email me to book a free half hour consultation.

A bit about me

I am an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I hold an Integrated Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

I am also an accredited member of the National Counselling Society.

I always offer a free 30 minute initial consultation – it is an important opportunity for us to meet and generally see how things feel when we talk; a chance for us both to assess whether we feel able to work together.