About you

You’re ready for change. You've wanted, or perhaps needed, to talk to someone for a while and now feels like the right time.

You feel that talking to someone who is completely unattached from your day-to-day life would be useful, in fact possibly rather liberating. You know you'd benefit from gaining a little more clarity and insight right now.

You would like to talk about lots of things, to offload and gain other, fresh perspectives. You feel you need to be challenged at times, when you talk and act negatively or revert to old patterns of behaviour.

You'd like to spend some time and effort simply on you. Time to self-reflect and figure out a solid direction forward and to create a clear plan and vision for your own goals.

Your ideal outcome might be to increase your feeling of confidence, of happiness and of fulfilment. You maybe also need to lessen the feelings of fear, anxiety or control that expectation (either from yourself or from others) seems to hold over you. You want a more optimistic outlook and less negativity in your life.

Your personal history has brought you to where you are today, it has shaped who you are as an individual and also as a partner too. You'd welcome the opportunity to explore your own story in a little more depth, to try and identify habits or behaviours that you feel are holding you or your relationship back from its true potential.

In short, you simply want things to feel better and believe that you deserve to be happier.

It is important to recognise that valuing yourself enough to start making any necessary changes takes courage and motivation, therefore it isn't easily achieved alone. The outcome WILL be worth the effort, sometimes you just need the platform and the support to do it.

This is the perfect reason to reach out and begin your counselling journey...

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create".
- Buddha -