Stockport counselling and surrounding areas.


These days it's easy to find a counsellor, just a quick search online shows there are plenty of us around. However, finding the counsellor who feels right for YOU isn't quite as simple and needs proper consideration.

I'm an experienced Stockport-based counsellor. I work with individuals and couples and I'm pleased to offer in-person, online or telephone counselling sessions.

It's never a sign of weakness to acknowledge you aren't where you want to be or that life isn't how you hoped or expected right now. Generally, when things just don't feel right, a good counsellor can help.

You might be experiencing relationship troubles or career frustration. Maybe you're struggling with confidence or motivation, feelings of loss, low mood, stress or anxiety.

Together, we can address these things. Let me help.

* COVID-19 *
Appointments are still available during the current Covid-19 conditions.

Face to face and online sessions are both now available.


I provide hour-long counselling sessions for individuals and 90 minute relationship sessions for couples.

Typically I meet face-to-face with clients on a weekly or fortnightly basis, however due to scheduling needs and other factors this can sometimes vary.

To expect weekly sessions is a good start, but we can discuss what works best for you.


I enjoy offering online therapy.

Basically you can receive all the same therapy services and be sitting comfortably at home on your own sofa instead of mine! There are no geographical boundaries when we talk online.

Typically, I use live video sessions via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. I can also provide live chat or telephone counselling sessions if preferred.

Online therapy ensures that I am available to those who have difficulty accessing services or physical limitations that can make office visits a struggle.

I offer a free introductory 30 minute session. This gives us the opportunity to meet, discuss your needs in more detail and see if we're a good fit.

Introductory Session - Free
Individual Sessions (60 mins) - £40
Couples Sessions (90 mins) - £60

Payment is preferred after each session. Cash, PayPal or online bank transfer.