In-Person and Online Counselling in Marple Bridge, Stockport and surrounding areas.


I've been exactly where you are right now. Browsing online to find a counsellor who will feel right for you can be confusing.

Perhaps you made this decision alone or somebody close to you suggested you speak to someone, either way you are taking the first powerful step and doing something for YOU.
It's positive and meaningful, you're being wise and courageous.

Let's be honest, you probably didn't anticipate ever needing counselling so it's OK and quite normal to feel apprehensive about what lies ahead.

Whatever the reason, your day-to-day life or maybe your relationship or career just isn't where you want it to be. It's not what you'd hoped for or expected right now. You feel you deserve better and want something more.

Together, we can address this. Let me help.

* COVID-19 *
Appointments are still available during the current Covid-19 restrictions. However all sessions are being held online until further notice.
In-Person Counselling

I offer hour-long counselling sessions for individuals and 90 minute relationship counselling sessions for couples.

Typically I meet face-to-face with clients on a weekly or fortnightly basis, however due to scheduling needs and other factors this can sometimes vary.

To expect weekly sessions is a good start, but we can discuss what works best for you.

Online Counselling

enjoy offering online therapy.

Basically you can receive all the same therapy services and be sitting comfortably at home on your own sofa instead of mine! There are no geographical boundaries when we talk online.

Typically, I use live video sessions via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. I can also provide live chat or telephone counselling sessions if preferred.

Online therapy ensures that I am available to those who have difficulty accessing services or physical limitations that can make office visits a struggle.

Types of counselling offered

Anger Management


Anger is a powerful emotion and if not handled appropriately it may have destructive consequences for you and those closest to you. It can lead to arguments, physical fights/abuse, assault and self-harm.

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Anxiety and Stress


Warning signs that you are starting to suffer with anxiety or stress may include tension, irritability, headaches, tiredness, a churning stomach, sweating, shaking, heart pain or palpitations.

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Bereavement and Loss


Coping with losing a loved one is one of life’s great difficulties. When we speak of grieving and loss we often think of death. However, there are many other kinds of loss, such as divorce, illness or the loss of a job.

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Confidence and Self Esteem


If you feel you may have low self esteem or self confidence, one-to-one counselling will enable you to overcome these negative thoughts and help you to feel more self assured, resilient and generally stronger.

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Depression Counselling


Depression is an illness which can happen to people of all ages, usually due to a build up of pressures. It can become a more severe and prolonged condition with persistent sadness, negativity and difficulty coping.

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Relationship Counselling


If you are in a relationship (with a partner, family member, friend or colleague) that continually feels difficult or is causing you distress, the underlying causes for this need to be examined.

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LGBT+ individuals are forced to come to terms with what it means to be different in a society that tends to assume everyone to be heterosexual and that tends to judge differences from the norm in negative ways.

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A bit about me

I am an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I hold an Integrated Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

I am also an accredited member of the National Counselling Society.

I always offer a free 30 minute initial consultation – it is an important opportunity for us to meet and generally see how things feel when we talk; a chance for us both to assess whether we feel able to work together.

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Book a counselling session

If you would like to book a counselling session, give me a call or email me to book a free half hour consultation.

Session fees

The cost of each counselling session is £40.

This is reduced to £35 if a course of sessions is prebooked (minimum 5 sessions).

A lower price is available for students, those on low income or OAPs.

I offer a free introductory 30 minute session. This gives us the opportunity to meet, discuss your needs in more detail and see if we're a good fit.
Counselling prices:

Introductory Session - Free
Individual Sessions (60 mins) - £40
Couples Sessions (90 mins) - £60

Payment is preferred after each session. Cash, PayPal or online bank transfer.